• Shoo-Fly's Office and Editorial Staff

Editor-in Chief: Hal Abbott
Assistant Editor: B. Lew Fitch
Executive Secretary: Doris L. Finn
Field Editor: Ken E. Ketchum
Staff Reporter: Adolph Finn
Cafeteria Manager: Clem Choudhry
Staff Nutritionists: Anna Reckzyk and R. Terry Cloggin
Pet Advice Editor: Farrell Katz
CTDEEP Liaisons: Gil Netter and Dino Myter
Floral Arrangements: April Suarez and May Flores
Weather Analysts: Ima Gessin and Noah Zarkh
Personals Column: Hoosier Dadi
Chief Compliance Officer: Ida N. Riley-Givadam
Paleontologist: Ron Tsouris
Anthropologist: Lee Anne Derthal
Security Chief: Haslip Ondajub
Religion Column: Gregory N. Chance
NASCAR Liaison: Panica Tacktric
Staff Philosopher: Mullet Ober
Part-Time Staff: Cass Tenrud, Holly McCarroll, Olive A. Sudden, Sal Monella, and Iben C. Sikke

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