23 February 2019

• Lamont: You Voted For Him, Now You Get to Live With Him

So, Lamont wants you to pay to use our highways [apparently we don’t pay enough for that through the gasoline tax], and he wants to tax your groceries.

What did you expect?

You've heard the phrase "tax and spend" before, perhaps?

As one state politician said, “This is hitting Middle America and your average person…Putting [residents] first is not taxing every corner they turn, and that’s what this budget does.’’

The Hartford Courant observed, “…Lamont did not make any recommendations to cut the size of the state workforce or state agencies. Instead, Lamont’s budget is built largely around new revenue and limited growth.…”

“New Revenue,” of course, is politician-speak for “new taxes.”

You never learn, do you?

Please visit this link to read the full article: Hartford Courant

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