06 August 2018

• When It’s the Fisherman Who Gets Hooked

“We were on the flats outside of the Snell Island flats in lower Tampa Bay. I had my buddy and a friend of his on my 21' Robalo, and while I was catching white bait using a 10' cast net, they were catching 20” trout on soft plastic jigs. I was tossing the net for the second (and maybe the last) time onto 200 chunky pilchard sardines, when I heard some one painfully say ‘Ouch.’ My one buddy's friend had cast from one side of the boat with guy directly behind him, and on the way out, the single hook (thank goodness) had gone deep into the lobe of the first guy's left ear…

“We were going to write one story about getting a hook out of your arm. But, when we started the process, we realized that it would probably be a good idea to break the article into two pieces. This one's going to cover how to avoid putting a hook into your friend's ear lobe (or worse). The second part is going to show you how to get them out.…”

Please visit this link to read the full article: OnlineFisherman

Comment: Another reason to wear sunglasses when on the water.

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