09 April 2018

• Two Articles on Black Sea Bass

• Using Diamond Jigs for Black Sea Bass

“’The hot bottomfishing in our area is now focused on sea bass,’ says Capt. Q. Kresser, manager at River’s End Tackle in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. ‘We’re seeing numbers and sizes of these fish like never before. Begin­ners and pros alike target them with great success, which comes at a perfect time when other bottomfish species are declining. Sea bass are aggressive, fight well and are excellent eating…’”

“With a diamond jig, the drop is as important as the lift. Because of its tapered shape, it flutters sideways toward the bottom, an action that resembles a wounded or spawning baitfish. Create this motion by dropping the rod tip. If you lower the tip too slowly, the resistance stymies the diagonal fluttering motion....”

Photo from Cabelas
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• State Appealing Cut In Black Sea Bass Catch

“New York has joined the other states in the black sea bass northern regulatory zone — Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts — in appealing a decision by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) that allowed the five states in the southern sector, plus New Jersey, to liberalize their sea bass regulations while the northern states must reduce…

“The reduction comes despite the sea bass population standing an astonishing 240 percent above the federal target biomass for the species.....”

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