08 April 2018

• The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

“1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing 80,000 metric tons are currently afloat in an area known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- and it is rapidly getting worse. …

“The…GPGP, located halfway between Hawaii and California, is the largest accumulation zone for ocean plastics on Earth....”

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“The name “Pacific Garbage Patch” has led many to believe that this area is a large and continuous patch of easily visible marine debris items such as bottles and other litter —akin to a literal island of trash that should be visible with satellite or aerial photographs. While higher concentrations of litter items can be found in this area, along with other debris such as derelict fishing nets, much of the debris is actually small pieces of floating plastic that are not immediately evident to the naked eye…

“The debris is continuously mixed by wind and wave action and widely dispersed both over huge surface areas and throughout the top portion of the water column. It is possible to sail through the ‘garbage patch’ area and see very little or no debris on the water’s surface. It is also difficult to estimate the size of these ‘patches,’ because the borders and content constantly change with ocean currents and winds. Regardless of the exact size, mass, and location of the ‘garbage patch,’ manmade debris does not belong in our oceans and waterways and must be addressed.....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NOAA

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