28 March 2018

• 2018 Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Regs

Thanks to Charlie W. for getting this to us:

American eel: Minimum Size: 9 inches, Creel Limit: 25 fish;

American shad: Open Season: Year Round. Creel limit: 6 fish (in aggregate with hickory shad). American shad may be harvested only from the Connecticut River system, the southern boundary of which is a line extending between Griswold Point in Old Lyme and the outer light on the Old Saybrook breakwater. American shad fishing in all other waters is limited to catch and release only;

Atlantic menhaden: Creel Limit: 50 fish or 5 gallons, whichever is the greater amount;

Black sea bass: Minimum Size: 15 inches Open Season: May 19 to July 17, inclusive, Creel Limit: 3 fish Open Season: August 7 to December 31, inclusive, Creel Limit 5 fish Minimum lengths exclude the dorsal tail filament or tendril. Note: there is no longer a “bonus” creel limit for paying passengers on party or charter fishing vessels.

Scup [Porgy]: Open Season: May 1 to December 31, Minimum Size: 9 inches,* Creel Limit: 30 fish; Note: the party or charter fishing vessel “bonus” season of 45 fish from September 1 through October 31 for paying passengers remains in place.

Striped Bass: Creel Limit: Open Season: Year Round, Minimum Size: 28 inches, Creel Limit: 1 fish; Note: The bonus striped bass program will continue in 2018 with 3,018 fish allowed for harvest. Stripers harvested under the bonus program are required to be tagged. Tags and accompanying catch report cards will be available at agency offices beginning in late April. The bonus program season runs from May 1 through December 31. This year there will be one tag available per angler. See the 2018 Angler’s Guide for more information.

Summer Flounder [Fluke]: Open Season: May 4 to September 30, inclusive, Minimum Size: 19 inches*, Creel Limit: 4 fish;

Tautog [Blackfish]: Minimum Size at all times: 16 inches. Open Season: April 1 to April 30, inclusive, Creel Limit: 2 fish; Open Season: July 1 to August 31, inclusive, Creel Limit: 2 fish; Open Season: October 10 to November 28, inclusive, Creel Limit: 3 fish;

Weakfish: Open Season: Year Round, Minimum Size: 16 inches, Creel Limit: 1 fish;

Winter Flounder: Open Season April 1 to December 31, Minimum Size: 12 inches, Creel Limit: 2 fish;

*Enhanced Opportunity Shore Angler Program: At 45 public shore fishing sites (visit: www.ct.gov/deep/fishing and select "saltwater recreational"), the minimum sizes are adjusted as follows (creel limits and open season dates remain as above): Summer flounder: Minimum Size: 17 inches; Scup: Minimum Size: 8 inches.

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