19 March 2017

• Important Info About Your Smoke Detectors

A story for you: My step-daughter and family have been staying at our home as they had a fire in their house the other night. They were just about to go to bed when she saw smoke coming out of the heatilators that are built into the fireplace. Seems whoever built the fireplace...which may have been generations ago...allowed part of the heatilator riser to be in contact with wood. That wood finally dried out/charcoaled itself to the point where it burst into flame.

Most of the damage is from smoke, but their whole living room wall was torn out by the firefolk.

Here's the point: Their smoke detectors did not go off...this despite having just replaced the batteries and tested the beeper. The fire responders said that older fire detectors have a life of only about 6 years, and that has nothing to do with the batteries or the beeper. Newer ones, they say, last about 8-10 years. So, obviously, it's a good idea to review the status of your fire detectors...beyond the beeper.

And…apparently CO detectors have an even shorter service life.

Please visit this link to read more on this: ConsumerReports

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