18 February 2017

• Which Hand Should You Reel With?

“As a lifelong right-handed caster and retriever, I have been subjected to this kind of ludicrous lecturing on a fairly regular basis. And I’m sure that many of my fellow right-reelers have endured the same fate. So I’m gonna lay it down nice and slow right here:

“You should reel with whichever hand feels the most comfortable to you. You are not compromising any part of the fishing experience by using one hand or the other….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Orvis

COMMENT: I dunno that I agree with this. As a right-hand caster, my right arm is the stronger, so when fighting a bluefish or striper, rather than the dink trout that Orvis seems to concentrate on, I want that rod in my right hand. Further, we do not retrieve flies by reeling; rather, we strip them in with our non-rod hand...then, once a decent fish is hooked, we have to reel up all that stripped-in line to get the fish on the reel. As any fly caster who's caught a fast-running fish knows, that reel up of the loose line and that transfer to the reel can be very tricky [especially if it's a false albacore or a bonefish]...and at that time I do not want also to have to change hands with the rod.

I cast with the right, strip with the left, and reel with the left...makes life much simpler and may well result in fewer lost fish.

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