16 February 2017

• Excellent Loop Knot

The No-Slip Mono Knot starts with [a] an overhand knot; then [b] pass the tag end through the eye of the hook and back through the overhand;

[c] wrap the tag end around the standing part a few times and then [d] back through the overhand knot; [e] snug it up. As to the number of wraps the tag end takes around the standing part: For 50-lb. mono use 2-3 wraps; 40 use 3-4; 30 use 4; 20 use 4-5; all other sizes, 5 wraps.

And here are some tricks it's taken me two years to learn with this knot: [1.] Make the overhand knot as small as possible...just open enough to pass the tag end through. [2.] Before starting to do the wraps, after you've passed the tag end through the overhand knot for the first time, move the overhand knot down close to the hook eye. [3.] Do not pull on both the standing part and the tag end to tighten. Pull only on the tag end while holding the standing part steady until the knot seats itself fairly well.

[4.] Test the finished knot by holding the hook and pulling on the standing part in some manner [hold the hook with pliers, hook it onto something fixed]; pull hard. [5] Every time the tag end passes through the overhand knot it must follow the same path; it's easy to pass the line through the overhand knot from the wrong side resulting in a knot that looks good but will slip under pressure; each pass through the overhand knot must follow the same path. [6.] The knot also works for putting a loop in the butt end of a leader. [7.] It also works for creating a dropper loop; just leave a long tag end for the bottom hook and loop the top hook to the dropper loop.

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