22 January 2017

• Next Hot Fishing Gear: Underwater Drone?

“Launched this week at the annual convention in Las Vegas…a submersible drone geared toward fishing. With the ability to dive to depths of up to 98 feet and sonar capability down to 131 feet, this new technology might be the future of advanced fish finding.

“It is equipped with an onboard camera and WiFi that can transmit images and data streaming real-time in 1080p, that can be accessed via an iOS or Android app. It can even be setup to send notifications when fish are located…

“To take the concept to an even more insane level, the PowerRay can even drop a bait in front of the fish and has a blue-tinted light that is intended to attract fish to it....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Scout.com

Source of photo and more information at USAToday.

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