12 December 2016

• Two Articles for Kayakers

• You Yakkers Might Like to Read This

“Kayak anglers often say they get to know a fish’s zip code. I’d argue that it’s more personal than that; we get to know their living rooms…

“Rather than riding the raging 300-horse race boats or suffer the sensory trauma of a smoke-belching, piston-slapping two-stroke, kayak anglers slow the adventure down to connect with the aquatic environment on the other side of the thin plastic hull. The keys to success are locating quality fish-holding habitat and focusing on precise presentations....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: OutdoorLife

• “Five Must Haves for Kayak Fishing”

“Over the last decade kayak fishing has boomed in Florida as anglers learn that they don’t need a big boat, tons of rods, reels and tackle to go out and have an enjoyable day on the water.

“A kayak set up for fishing seemed to end the money hole that most power boats seemed to become….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: FloridaSportsman

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