30 November 2016

• Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 28 November 2016

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On Monday Charlie W. and I ran into one of the most amazing three hours of fishing either of us can remember. We were working the breakwater with jig/plastics when Charlie spotted birds out over the Sound. We lit out to see what was going on:

Birds working all the way from the mouth of the Housatonic to Charles Island.

The Garmin showed what was going on below the birds.

From that point on we were constantly into fish.

They weren't big fish, largest was 25 inches, but they were on the feed and hitting about anything we threw at them.

I got out the 7-weight and caught a bunch with it.

Got this photo by setting the Canon for a delayed exposure and then putting it on the top of the console...explains the tilt.

The traditional chartreuse/white Clouser minnow did the trick. This one's looking a bit bedraggled after being worked over by a half-dozen stripers.

Maybe the largest fish of the day.

We were doubled up on several occasions.

Did have to keep moving Shoo-Fly to follow the action which slowly dissipated as the afternoon went on.

They say you should never leave fish to find fish...but on this day we left fish because they'd worn us out...at least they'd worn me out.

It would appear that this is part of the annual fall pattern as the stripers return to the Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay, and to a lesser extent the Housatonic River for the winter. Hopefully, it's just the start of a long migratory season.

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