02 November 2016

• Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 01 November 2016

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This photo is from 18 October. Fog was pretty thick in spots on the way to the River.

And this shot was from 26 October...flock of brant [geese] take to the air upon Shoo-Fly's approach.

Lunkhead of the day on 01 November. This boater was ripping through the no-wake zone just off Rivercliff. When he saw me photographing him, he suddenly slowed down to a reasonable speed. Apparently he was coming down the River to get gasonline as we later saw him take off at high speed back up the River once he was out of camera range.

Note that I've blurred his registration number. It's not my intention to get these lunkheads arrested/fined...hopefully they can be educated.

The marsh grasses at this time of year are really pretty.

Charlie W. has a striper on here. Note that he has lost the sling on his casting arm as his shoulder is healing well.

Gripping the striper's lip.

Stripers this day were all schoolies...no keepers.

Boats were coming down the River as apparently no one was getting fish up north. When they saw me and Charlie landing fish...suddenly we were swarmed.

Probably the best fish of the day.

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