07 November 2016

• Housatonic Dredging and Zebra Mussels

• Housatonic Dredging Postponed

“A long-awaited project to deepen a channel in the Housatonic River will have to wait nearly a year because there aren’t any dredging ships available this fall that are are big enough for the job…

“The project was supposed to start in November, but officials said that because of a lack of dredge ships, it won’t get under way until October 2017....”

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• Housatonic Zebra Mussels

“Fears that zebra mussels might enter Candlewood Lake have reached new heights with the recent discovery of the invasive species attached to the foundation of the Rocky River power station…

“Several handfuls of adult mussels were removed in October from the foundation and from boulders along the Housatonic River shoreline near the station,...”

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