05 November 2016

• Fishing Report: Norwalk, Long Island's East End, NYC Area, Madison, CT

• Fishing Report: Norwalk Area

“As we get closer to winter, many police marine units either close up shop or transition into off-season status where officers are on call with less equipment at the ready…

“With more than 25 years in law enforcement and several seasons working in or supervising a police marine division, I witnessed way too many people in big trouble and the most serious of those incidents usually occurred either before or after the regular boating season....”

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• Fishing Report: Long Island’s East End

“With 60-degree weather and striped bass blitzes off Montauk Point, it’s hard to believe that soon striped bass will leave our shores for warmer southern waters to complete the cycle that began last spring.

“The striped bass will leave behind anglers who want just one more tug at the end of their line before they are left to clean their rods and reels in concession to the approaching dark days of winter, when thoughts turn from fishing memories to fishing hopes....”

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• Fishing Report: NYC Area

“In Long Island Sound headliners now seem to be blackfish in the waters to the east while porgies remain hot in the west…

“However from one end of Sound waters to the other, captains are keeping their customers busy pulling in freezer-filling quantities of porgies, blackfish and also sea bass....”

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• Fishing Report: Madison Area

“All of this fall weather may have kept vessels secured to their moorings and dampened fishing, but that was only temporary. In between weather fronts, fishers were still able to pull fish from the Sound, bays, and rivers, especially under the new moon….

“So far, there’s no indication that fishing is slowing down. Menhaden are still here in numbers, hickory shad are having a run, and there’s ample rain bait around....”

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