02 October 2016

• Montauk Fishing: Two Articles

• Stripers At Montauk

“The fall 2016 season has already seen more sustained blitzes of striped bass along the beaches and in Montauk in a few weeks than the sum total in each of the last two or three years.

“The schoolie bass, mostly in the 20-to-26-inch range, boiled up in big numbers along both the south and north sides of Montauk Point on several days last week....”

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• More on Fishing at Montauk

“Besides striped bass, this time of year is great for bluefish. In recent years, bluefish upwards of 15 pounds have been within casting distance from most of the local beaches on the East End.

“False albacore, although they’re typically farther offshore, occasionally make an appearance....”

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