09 October 2016

• Great White Shark Found in Long Island Sound...New Monster Shark Found!

• Great White Shark Tracked Off Guilford

“A great white shark was tracked as being located in the central Sound off Guilford for the first time ever late last month, according to The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk.

“In a Facebook post, the aquarium said, ‘Montauk the Great White shark has been spotted in Long Island Sound….’””

Please visit this link to read the full article: GuilfordPatch

• New Monster Shark (You Don’t Have To Worry About This One)

“Megalolamna paradoxodon is the name of a new extinct shark described by an international research team who based their discovery on fossilized teeth up to 4.5 centimeters (1.8 inches) tall found from the eastern and western United States (California and North Carolina), Peru and Japan.

“The newly identified fossil shark lived during the early Miocene epoch about 20 million years ago....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: ScienceDaily

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