22 October 2016

• Fishing Reports: Western LIS, Norwalk

• Fishing Report: Western Long Island Sound

“In Long Island Sound, porgies continue to command attraction, especially for those fishing from party boats…

“However, blackfishing continues to improve in the eastern end of the Sound, with smaller ones beginning to show in western Sound waters....”

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• Fishing Report: Norwalk Area

“Time is getting short. The fall migration of striped bass, bluefish and other species is underway and it all adds up to peak time for fishing.

“Bluefish have about a month before completely exiting western Long Island Sound waters. Striped bass have shown us in recent years that while the bulk of the population migrate to the Hudson River and to the Chesapeake Bay, increasing numbers have....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: NorwalkHour

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