27 September 2016

• The Tuesday Rant: Why Younger Folk Are Leaving Connecticut...AND...A Shark Nursery

“That is why I left Connecticut a second time in 2014, this time for Dallas, and found a job in insurance. I could not be happier. Where some of my peers remain in high-cost Northeastern cities, I chose to have a much lower cost of living.

“I pay no state income tax or vehicle tax. I live in a brand-new apartment complex for far less than an outdated apartment complex in Connecticut. I can afford my student loans, my utility bills and shop for food, all while still spending my weekends out of the house enjoying Dallas' vibrant nightlife….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: HartfordCourant

• White Shark “Nursery” Off Montauk

“After a three-week expedition in the waters off Montauk, NY, OCEARCH and its collaborating scientists have confirmed the first known nursery -- and likely birthing site -- for the great white shark in the Northwest Atlantic…

“The team tagged a total of nine young-of-the-year white sharks....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: MarketWired.com

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