18 September 2016

• Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 17 September 2016

Catching up on photos from recent trips:

Click on any photo to enlarge...see a slide show:

Foggy leaving Hometown, CT on the way to fish with Shoo-Fly.

This yacht is a mere 86 feet long. The mast visible over her foredeck belongs to a sloop berthed behind this boat.

Grandson Zachary went out with me one day in August; caught a few fish but nothing particularly photo-worthy.

Zach is rather an expert at operating and taking photos/videos with his drone. Here he's getting the control console set-up, pre-flight..

It's really an amazing device. Zachary saved up for a long time to purchase this drone. A professional device, this model drone's been seen on a number of TV programs of a scientific nature...such as on Discovery Channel and, I think, Shark Week.

Zach can send the drone out so far that I couldn't see it...yet he maintains perfect control over the device and brings it back "land" in his hand.

If you've got an event you'd like videod from above, Zachary is your drone man. You can contact him through me at this email address [leave out the 6 Xs]: shoo-flyXXX@XXXsbcglobal.net.

Some of the birds on Charles Island. Their nesting sites are why officials have banned human traffic on the Island for specified periods of time.

Coast Guard coming into the mouth of the Housatonic River.

Too bad the Coasties weren't there to see this lunkhead blasting through the no-wake zone.

Or maybe the lunkhead could have been zapped by a lightning bolt from above.

This photo was captured by Zachary's mom...photographic talent appears to run in that family.

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