24 September 2016

• Fall Fishing...and...Fishing After A Storm

• Coming Up On Fall Fishing

“After the crowds thin out and the waterways have fewer boats on weekdays, serious anglers know that the fish, too, are preparing for a change. Even with shorter days and the gradual drop in temperature...

“September traditionally has the warmest water temperatures of the year. It’s during this time that fish sense a change is coming and they become much more active before, during, and after the fall spawn....”

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• After the Storm

“A storm like the one we had [recently] can change fishing a lot. Some species may leave the area totally. Yet others just won’t bite. They may not bite because the water is dirty with sand and mud that either irritates the gills of fish so they stop moving around and feeding or they simply cannot see your bait in murky, cloudy water...

“But storms also create opportunities with reefs, clam and mussel beds that get torn up with broken shells providing a feeding ground for many of the fish we target....”

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