23 August 2016

• The Tuesday Rant: Connecticut’s Taxes Burden Our Families…AND…Animal Rights Idiots Want to Eliminate Fishing

“Connecticut has become one of the least economically free states in the Union…. Factored into the analysis of Connecticut’s fiscal health is the state’s heavy taxes and its regulation on business. It also cites exclusionary zoning practices as affecting personal freedoms in the state.

“…although taxes are necessary for a ‘civil society,’ taxes in some of the states, including Connecticut, have become unnecessarily burdensome. It is no longer that taxes fund the necessary functions of government but have gotten to the point that they actually make it difficult for individuals to thrive and support their families….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: YankeeInstitute

• Animal Rights Idiots Want Your Fishing Rods Destroyed

“Like hunters are prime targets of animal rights activists, sports fishermen are now in the target zone...

“Animal rights activists don’t want us eating fish or catching them recreationally. Fish may feel pain, don’t you know. Thus fishing is too cruel….

Please visit this link to read the full article: NationalReview

What in the hell is the matter with these people. We’ve got children with no breakfasts, veterans with no health care, homeless with no place to sleep and what are these jerks worried about? Fishing! Their approach is the same as with guns and hunting: “We don’t do it, so no one else should either.” What’s next for them: Archery? Camping? Hiking? Good grief people, get real!

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