16 August 2016

• The Tuesday Rant: Connecticut: Dredge Dumping In LIS...AND...Air Pollution Kills 168 State Residents...AND...Why Connecticut Is Such A Fiscal Mess

“…the Environmental Protection Agency has approved three more decades of continued dumping at two sites in the Sound — one north of Lloyd Neck in Huntington, the other north of Shoreham near New Haven, Connecticut…

“The expected volume of 53 million cubic yards, most of it dredged from Connecticut harbors and waterways, would fill more than 14 large football stadiums….

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• “Air Pollution Killing 168 In Connecticut Each Year”

“Air pollution is causing an estimated 168 deaths a year in Connecticut and sending another 472 people in this state to doctors and hospitals for health issues like heart attacks and bronchitis, according to a new study released Wednesday…

“New Haven County has the highest annual mortality rate from air pollution, according to the NYU report, with a death rate of 54.9 people per year, followed by Fairfield County with an annual mortality of 47.9 and Hartford County with a death rate of 30.5 per year....”

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• Why Connecticut Is Such A Fiscal Mess

“The key to the budget, though, is not where the money comes from. It's how the state spends it. If it spends less, it needs less.

“To spend less will be difficult because of the state's massive pension obligations and its largest expense — public employee salaries and benefits... State compensation eats up so much of the budget in part because this state is the most generous in the nation to its employees... But public employees here contribute the least to their pensions of all those in New England. And Connecticut's retired employees enjoy the highest average annual benefit payment in the nation....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: HartfordCourant

COMMENT: Probably most of Connecticut's state employees have bloody well earned their retirements. After all, it isn't the employees' fault that state pension obligations are so high...our elected state officials agreed to give that to them. What were employees supposed to do, say "no, that's too much, we'll take less"? This is just another example of bad fiscal management on the part of the blockheads we continue to elect to state office.

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