01 August 2016

• Fly fishing: Best Flies...and Casting With Either Hand

• 10 Critical Saltwater Flies

“At times game fish will eat just about anything that won’t eat them first, but there are many occasions when only flies that resemble the forage prevalent at a particular location and time will warrant strikes.

“Though it’s difficult to know ahead of time what baitfish or crustacean your fly must imitate for you to get in on the action, especially when fishing away from your home waters, there are some tried and true fly patterns that seem to catch fish wherever you put them to use. Here are 10....”

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• Fly Fishing: Cast With Either Hand?

“I have been trying to learn to cast with my left hand, forced into it by developing tendonitis in my right elbow. It ain’t easy. I do look like that monkey.

“Casting ability does not automatically transfer from dominant to off hand. Think of how you throw a baseball with your off hand. No, it takes some time, practice and considerable frustration tolerance....”

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