09 August 2016

• Environmental Issues

• “The Case of the Poisoned Fish…”

“G.E. argued that any claim for loss of earnings due to the closure of the striped bass fishery had to be offset by money earned from those other jobs.

“The company also argued that commercial fishermen had depleted the stock of striped bass, and even if the fish had not been contaminated, conservation rules would have restricted the catch and virtually closed the fishery....”

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• Water Quality: How Does Your Local Beach Rate?

“…new data and ratings of Long Island Sound beaches released last week by the Save the Sound/Connecticut Fund for the Environment.

“The data can be accessed at: www.SoundHealthExplorer.org. The interactive map shows water quality trends from data collected from health departments in New York City, Westchester County, Connecticut and Long Island....”

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• Fishing and Wind Farms

“The proposal to build a wind turbine farm in the fertile fishing grounds off Block Island has rekindled discussions of whether certain fishing areas should made off-limits to fishermen of all kinds.

“A lot of details will have to be hashed out before the wind farm becomes a reality, and certain to be at the fore of the hashing will be access for fishermen....”

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