11 July 2016

• Tubing for Striped Bass...and Tips On Fluke Fishing

“Tubing is a traditional and effective method of fishing for stripers in the summer. Tubes are made from rubber surgical tubing rigged on a wire or heavy monofilament with a hook in the tail end and a lead weight in the nose – and they imitate a live eel, a favorite meal of striped bass.

“Tubes can be almost as deadly as the real thing but you’ve got to them close to the bottom where the fish are, by trolling them on wire or leadcore line....”

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Photo: Hogylures.com

Tips On Fluke Fishing

“Wind and tide should be in line as you want to drag (or drift) over the front of the fish so it sees your bait, drift over the back of the fish and it may never see your bait.

“Fish low/high/low bottom… this means fishing channel breaks, edges of structure, etc. My largest fluke have been caught on edges....”

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