04 July 2016

• Rinse Your Reels…Don’t Wash Them. And, Ozone Hole Filling In

“Keeping fishing reels in good working order is essential for saltwater anglers, and the best way to do that is to rinse them thoroughly with fresh water after every saltwater fishing trip.

“And this should be accomplished as soon as possible. It doesn’t seem likely, but it is possible to clean a reel a reel too well....”

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• Ozone Hole May Be Filling In

“In a major new paper in the influential journal Science, a team of researchers report strikingly good news about a thirty year old environmental problem.

“The Antarctic ozone ‘hole’ — which, when it was first identified in the mid-1980s, focused public attention like few other pieces of environmental news — has begun, in their words, to finally’heal....'"

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