28 July 2016

• Long Island Sound: Fish Die-Offs...New Species Arriving

“Everybody wants to blame pollution, but it’s not always pollution…

“A die-off only happens when there are fish there. If the bluefish don’t trap the bunker in the Sound, there aren’t any fish to die. And bunker are schooling fish with high metabolism, so when they come in and use up all the oxygen, they tend to die off.…”

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• Long Island Sound Commentary

“As a result of that rise, we’ve been seeing a movement of fish species from southern Atlantic waters to newer habitats farther north. For example, there has been an influx of black sea bass from the mid-Atlantic to Long Island Sound.

“There have been more Atlantic menhaden, many of which have even wintered over. Recently, southern red fish [sic] found their way up here....”

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Technically, the redfish is a red drum...sometimes called a channel bass.

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