13 July 2016

• Fly Fishing: The Hook Set...and Housatonic River Oyster Seed Bed Closed

“It is one of the set-apart moments of our sport. In the instant we connect to the fish, we are still anticipating the excitement of the strike and the satisfaction of success. We are using our hunting ability, our quiet patience and our sharpest reflexes. When I teach fly fishing, I emphasize this important portion of the angling process.

“Here are a few of the tips I share to help them make the hook set a moment of payoff....”

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“Housatonic River Oyster Seed Bed Closed After State Finds Harvesting Regulation Violations”

“The largest seed-oyster bed in the state was closed Friday after several alleged incidents of commercial shellfishermen ‘disregarding harvesting regulations related to contaminated oysters and attempting to conceal illegal activity in and around the bed…’

“…to prevent any contaminated shellfish from being consumed by the public after being harvested from the bed, which is downstream of three water-pollution control plants….”

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