05 June 2016

• Skishing: Fishing In A Wetsuit...and Long Island East-End Fishing

• Skishing: Fishing In A Wetsuit

“Be the fish. This is the mantra of a few adrenaline seekers whose fishing addiction has taken them offshore and out of a boat, to bob in the ocean with nothing but a wetsuit to keep them afloat while casting for ocean-run striped bass.

“While most would call it crazy, the participants call it skishing’….”

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• Long Island: East End Fishing

“Fishing continues to be a bit of a chore on the East End, as we finally seem to be transitioning from a cold, dreary spring into the first flickers of summer weather patterns.

“Surf fishermen have caught some decent stripers but have had to forgo sleep and shoe leather to find them....”

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