06 June 2016

• Palming: Added Drag for Your Fly Reel...and...Fishing With Fake CT Licenses

“Even if your fly reel has a solid drag, knowing how to palm the reel comes in handy for fighting a big fish. A little extra pressure can thwart a spool overrun on a redfish or stop a steelhead from reaching a logjam.

“Of course, palming takes some practice and skill, but if you remember these tips, you’ll master the art of the palm faster....”

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• Fishing With Fake CT Licenses

“During a fishing enforcement patrol along the Quinnipiac River in Meriden on April 18, a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Environmental Conservation (ENCON) Police Officer observed Bradford L. Benton, age 47, of Shelton, and Kelly N. Shemeth, age 24, of Berlin, both actively fishing.

“The Officer approached the two individuals to conduct a fishing compliance check and observed that their fishing licenses did not appear to conform with the type of document now in use.

Please visit this link to read the full article: CTDEEP

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