30 June 2016

• Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Report: 29 June 2016

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Grandson Zachary joined me on Shoo-Fly for Wednesday's trip. We got into stripers right off the bat...

Zachary hooked this one on his second cast.

We got about 15 fish in one spot and then fishing slowed down so Zach got out his drone to see what it was like to fly the aircraft off a boat.

Here he is with the control panel...he has amazing control over the drone...

...was able to fly it hundreds of feet up [but within the legal limit] and so far away that we couldn't even see the vehicle...and still had complete control over it.

Zach took photos via the vehicle's camera and has promised to send them to me so they can be posted on this blog. Should be interesting to see Shoo-Fly from way overhead.

We got six or seven fish in the second spot...

...including one lonesome bluefish.

Zach was a big help on the boat. After we docked he got the cart for us, loaded all the gear and rods in the cart, pushed the cart up the ramp to the car, and packed the car for the trip home. Then he volunteered to wash down the boat...a task that I normally reserve solely for myself...and did a fine job of it.

He must have had good parenting.

Another great day on the water.

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