19 June 2016

• Long Island Sound and the Environment [Four Articles]

• What’s So Great About Long Island Sound?

“What makes fishing in Long Island Sound so interesting is that each year is different. The Sound is continually changing, impacted by the weather and climatic conditions..

“Add the ever-moving water of tidal flows and incessant wave action altering the shoreline, and a fisher is confronted with a changing habitat....”

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• Rx In Our Waters Can Cause Health Issues In Aquatic Life

“Pharmaceuticals in surface water such as lakes and streams are a growing concern…

“Scientists have largely considered treated wastewater that's released into the environment as the main source. Now researchers reveal other possible sources....”

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• Milford Oyster Bed Closed

“The potential health threat of contaminated shellfish being consumed by the public prompted the Department of Agriculture today to close an oyster bed in Long Island Sound off the coast of Milford after an incident that led to the arrest of a boat captain…

“… accused of illegally transplanting contaminated oysters into the bed of healthy, market-ready oysters, officials announced in a release....”

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• Dams To Be Removed From Quinnipiac River

“Taking out both dams will open up 16 miles of the river to migrating fish and improve the water flow in the Quinnipiac, which flows 45 miles from its origin in a swamp near New Britain to Long Island Sound in New Haven…

“There will be access for blue back herring, American shad, American eels and other migratory fish" that travel inland from salt water as part of their life cycle...”

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