06 May 2016

• What’s Good About Florida…Besides the Weather and the Fishing?

“Simply stated, Florida does not have an income tax. My Florida real estate taxes are 50 percent less than my equivalent Connecticut home. There are no auto property taxes. As we age, we think about estate planning. Florida does not have an estate tax. And, unlike Connecticut, its infrastructure is not crumbling.

“I moved to Connecticut in the early 1970s. The state did not have an income tax at that time. Of course, today we do. And somehow, we are still in the red. The issue is not taxation (we have income tax, real estate tax, auto property tax, estate tax and sales tax), it's spending. For example, in 2000, Connecticut's annual budget was $12.3 billion. Today, the annual budget is $20 billion and not balanced. That's an $8 billion spending increase....”

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