07 April 2016

• Shoo-Fly Fishing Update

I don’t often write really personal stuff…what happened on a fishing trip is about the extent of it. But perhaps reading about my recent experience with heart problems may have some benefit for one of my readers, so here we go:

I had a heart attack last October; not a bad one as they go. The docs catheterized me and put in a bare metal stent at the site of the blockage. They took me off Plavix, the Rx that’s supposed to keep stents free from plaque buildup, after 30 days.

Then, as you may be aware, I went to Florida, enjoyed the time there, and came back home 15 March. The boat came north much earlier than usual and was in the water by 29 March…so, time to go fishing, right?

Nope. On 31 March I developed heart symptoms…very similar to those in October: Back to the hospital where they determined there was no heart attack this time, just that the @#$%& bare metal stent they put in had plugged up…95% occluded. Another catheterization and a new stent, a medicated stent this time, and I’m now home recovering. I’m told I’ll be on Plavix for at least a year, or for the rest of my life, (whichever comes first?). Perhaps, had I been kept on that Rx last fall, this last trip to hospital might have been avoided…well, who knows?

I visit the cardiologist on 11 April for a follow-up on this last trip to hospital. We’ll see what happens after that.

Take care of your heart: It may be the only one you’ll ever have.

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