18 April 2016

• Fishing On Long Island

“In the back seat of his car parked at Jones Beach, a man slept with his arms wrapped around a big striped bass. A few hours earlier, I had seen him at sunrise sitting on the sand, telling passing anglers that he had caught the bass in the middle of the night…

“What a prize. It must have been 40 pounds. When he dragged it by the gill to his car, the fish left a fin trail in the sand all the way to the parking lot....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Newsday

• Bluefish Already in New Jersey

“Bluefish arrived over the past few days. They don't seem to be those 15- to 20-pound bruisers that blitzed us about this time last year and continued into May…

“Scott's Bait and Tackle in Mystic Island weighed a 9.8-pound bluefish that seemed to top the early arrivals....”

Please visit this link to read the full article: PressOfAtlanticCity

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