06 March 2016

• #34: Islamorada Journal 2016…06 March

We're still in the Florida Keys, but with a combination of wind and no fish there hasn't been much to report. Meanwhile, we'll continue to post Islamorada photos along with links to articles you may enjoy:

• Best Tides For Stripers

“The two best times to hook a monster striper from the surf are when the current is running its hardest, and when it isn’t running at all.”

“As the outgoing tide picked up speed, a sharp seam formed where the current rushed past a small point inside the inlet. Outside the seam, the tide was humping along at more than three knots, while inside, a swirling eddy was thick with cordgrass picked up by the new moon high tide….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: OnTheWater

• New Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Adopted for Long Island Sound

“The first CCMP was adopted in 1994 and has guided management efforts in Connecticut and New York over the last 20 years.

“The updated CCMP sets 20 key ecosystem targets/goals to be achieved over the next 20 years and was a culmination of a two-year effort involving staff from the DEEP Water Protection and Land Reuse Bureau's (WPLR) Planning and Standards Division and Office of Long Island Sound Programs.….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: Sound Outlook

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