27 February 2016

• #31: Islamorada Journal 2016…27 February

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Still catching up on posting photos...still terribly windy here...another day on the beach.

Next-door neighbor has some nice orchids in his front yard.

Neighbor was kind enough to lend me his trolling motor while he was away for a few days as Shoo-Fly's TM is in the shop.

Of course, with all this wind keeping us on the shore, the loaner motor hasn't gotten that much of a workout.

What happened with Shoo-Fly's trolling motor:

We were staked up at the barracuda place, the Chesson crew and I, when the TM suddenly jumped into full speed.

So if you can picture this: We've got the pushpole stuck into the bottom in about three feet of water...the pole's tied to the boat with a line about 5 feet long...and the TM turns on and jumps into high gear.

"Just turn the thing off," sez you. Right! But the TM wouldn't obey the buttons on the remote...wouldn't turn off...wouldn't slow down.

I finally got to the knife switch under the console and cut off the power to the trolling motor.

It was a bit hairy there for a few seconds.

So now Shoo-Fly's TM is in the shop and we've got the neighbor's motor on the boat.

It was very kind of him to do this, and we appreciate it.

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