25 February 2016

• #29: Islamorada Journal 2016…25 February

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Wednesday was Yves's last day in the Keys, so, despite the raging winds, he, Wayne, and I lit off for the fishing grounds.

At the cuda place I finally caught a fish that was worthy of a photo on this blog.

It's the largest fish of the season, so far.

The barracuda weighed in at 22 lbs. Nice set of chompers.

Osprey lifting up off the nest.

Yves hooked this smallish houndfish...

...which was also no slouch in the dentition deparment.


Then we went over to the shark place...

...where we quickly got into more toothy critters.

I had a hit from a shark but it bit through the wire leader...

...Yves had better luck with this spinner shark...

...which he got onboard for a quick photo...

...and release.

Detail of the shark's dorsal fin.

Another great day on the water.

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