07 February 2016

• #20: Islamorada Journal 2016…07 February

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Weather continues to be rotten...

...but it can yield some nice sunsets.

We've been able to get out on the water a couple of days, but the winds have been difficult.

Wayne with a pair of keeper spotted sea trout.

We're both suffering back-muscle pain thanks to two days of fishing in rough water. The old muscles are just not up to the job of keeping the body upright and balanced for hours at a time.

On Friday we had a 4-chair wind...

...with gusts up to 34 knots [39 mph].

Grilling some store-bought fish...

on the new grill.

Sunday has dawned with a 2-chair wind...but it's only a matter of time until the other two get knocked down...

...as the wind gusts to 33 knots.

At least there'll be no conflict between fishing and watching the Super Bowl today.

Go Pats!


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