03 February 2016

• #18: Islamorada Journal 2016…03 February

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First time I've seen an ibis fly up into a tree:

Usually they're just on the ground poking their beaks into the grass, looking for bugs, worms, and other delicacies.

Don't ask me...

...I don't have a clue.


FFW patrol boat passed Wayne, Rich,and me with a wave and then stopped a guy in an RHIB*.

We were wearing life vests; RHIB guy was not. We have a theory that the authorities don't bother with us if we're so obviously prepared; however, maybe it's because we're a bunch of old farts whom the law doesn't consider to be likely problems.

It was a beautiful day out on Florida Bay...except for the wind...

...which was honking about 20 knots.

Foam streamers shown in the photo above...

...piled up against Shoo-Fly's gunwales.

Rich and Wayne looking for fish.

We hooked some ladyfish and barracudas, but nothing of photographic worth.

Wednesday night's sunset:

*RHIB: Rigid hulled inflatable boat.

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