27 February 2016

• #31: Islamorada Journal 2016…27 February

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Still catching up on posting photos...still terribly windy here...another day on the beach.

Next-door neighbor has some nice orchids in his front yard.

Neighbor was kind enough to lend me his trolling motor while he was away for a few days as Shoo-Fly's TM is in the shop.

Of course, with all this wind keeping us on the shore, the loaner motor hasn't gotten that much of a workout.

What happened with Shoo-Fly's trolling motor:

We were staked up at the barracuda place, the Chesson crew and I, when the TM suddenly jumped into full speed.

So if you can picture this: We've got the pushpole stuck into the bottom in about three feet of water...the pole's tied to the boat with a line about 5 feet long...and the TM turns on and jumps into high gear.

"Just turn the thing off," sez you. Right! But the TM wouldn't obey the buttons on the remote...wouldn't turn off...wouldn't slow down.

I finally got to the knife switch under the console and cut off the power to the trolling motor.

It was a bit hairy there for a few seconds.

So now Shoo-Fly's TM is in the shop and we've got the neighbor's motor on the boat.

It was very kind of him to do this, and we appreciate it.

26 February 2016

• #30: Islamorada Journal 2016…26 February

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Catching up on posting some photos...while the wind's blowing:

Becky found this.

She also grabbed this photo of a truck loaded down with sponges...the real kind.

Don't know how it got that way, but it stayed there...just like that.

25 February 2016

• #29: Islamorada Journal 2016…25 February

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Wednesday was Yves's last day in the Keys, so, despite the raging winds, he, Wayne, and I lit off for the fishing grounds.

At the cuda place I finally caught a fish that was worthy of a photo on this blog.

It's the largest fish of the season, so far.

The barracuda weighed in at 22 lbs. Nice set of chompers.

Osprey lifting up off the nest.

Yves hooked this smallish houndfish...

...which was also no slouch in the dentition deparment.


Then we went over to the shark place...

...where we quickly got into more toothy critters.

I had a hit from a shark but it bit through the wire leader...

...Yves had better luck with this spinner shark...

...which he got onboard for a quick photo...

...and release.

Detail of the shark's dorsal fin.

Another great day on the water.

22 February 2016

• #28: Islamorada Journal 2016…22 February

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Yves has a bucket list of fish he wants to catch.

On Saturday we eliminated the barracuda from the list...

And on Sunday, the shark.

In this case, a sizable lemon shark.

20 February 2016

• #27: Islamorada Journal 2016…20 February

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We've been off the water for a couple of days thanks to the wind.

But, today, Wayne, our friend Yves from Mont Tremblant, Quebec, and I took Shoo-Fly out in the wind to the barracuda/shark hole.

Not a shark in sight...but the cudas were fabulous.

What a cuda can do to a tube lure.

17 February 2016

• #26: Islamorada Journal 2016…17 February

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Caroline took this panoramic shot of Florida Bay from the house.

Wayne and I went out in Shoo-Fly, surprised that the wind had dropped to nil.

We spotted some permit feeding and Wayne cast a crab to one. That dot in the air over his head is the crab on its way to the fish.

The permit grabbed the crab and the fight was on.

Twenty-five minutes later the fish was alongside Shoo-Fly...

...and Wayne managed to hoist the fish into the boat.

Fish was probably 30-35 pounds...

...and was safely returned to the water after posing for a few photos.

16 February 2016

• #25: Islamorada Journal 2016…15 February

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We were on the shark spot again on Sunday.

Caroline fought this shark to the side of the boat...

...and held him up for a photo before releasing this member of the hammerhead family back into the water.

Michael and Zachary tag-teamed this shark...

sort of like they do it on Wicked Tuna.

Sharks were all over the live shrimp we used as bait.

Even Pop got in on the sharkfest.

Zachary reeling in another bonnethead.

An historic struggle.

Fish finally yields...

...and comes aboard for the pre-release photo.

Another great day on the water.