28 January 2016

• #16: Islamorada Journal 2016…28 January

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Not much has been happening here thanks to the weather.

This was Monday night's sunset.

Some clouds.

On Tuesday Wayne and I did get out on the water for a few hours.

Here we about to go through a ditch with shallow water on either side. This ditch is named...

..."toilet seat" for obvious reasons.

What isn't obvious is why someone decided to start marking the ditch with bathroom fixtures. It's been this way for years; I can remember coming through here with Capt. Chuck Nolan back in the early 90s...and the seats were already there at that time.

We went over to Charlie's place as he had some bait fish collecting under his dock that we wanted to catch.

The baitfish had attracted a number of birds including this odd pair. I think the pelican was hoping his smaller buddy would dive down and get a fish that the big bird could then "talk" him out of.

I was in a lousy position to try to photograph Wayne using the castnet...

...but here you can see he'd made a decent cast...

...resulting in a net full of baitfish...

...called pilchards.

Just about every fish that swims loves pilchards.

We saw a flamingo...

but couldn't get close enough for a good photo as it was on the other side of a sandbar.

Saw a bunch of sharks.

See those fins sticking up there? Click on the photo to enlarge.

Wayne hooked something...shark or barracuda...we never got to see the fish as it took off...

...and broke his line. We got into some decent-sized ladyfish after this.

Sunset on the 26th.


Iggy the Iguana showed up for the first time this year.

Cloudy sky and rain on Wednesday.

Rain most of the day on Thursday.

These standup-paddle-boarders got caught out in the rain...

...and they must have been fairly well chilled by the time the got wherever they were going.

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