19 January 2016

• #12: Islamorada Journal 2016…19 January

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Sunday's sunset:

Monday's sunset:

It was 58°F here this morning at 0900. Jumped up to all of 60° now.

I realize this is warm compared to Connecticut...but it's not good for here.

The water temperature in Florida Bay where we fish reacts very quickly to the cold as it's so shallow; it's hard to find water more than, say, 8 feet deep. As a result the water temp out in the Everglades National Park is down to almost 60°F, as much as 20° below where it was a couple of weeks ago.

This will not help with the fishing at all.

Of course, first we need to be able to get out on the water.

There's currently a small-craft advisory in effect for north winds to 25 kts. [29 mph].

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