14 January 2016

• #07: Islamorada Journal 2016…14 January

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Weather continues to be crap in Islamorada.

Some slight drying out after a shower...and then more showers.

Probably good weather for the trees.

Imagine this old-timer particularly enjoys the wet.

Not much out here in the way of flowers though.

Perhaps no self-respecting flower will bloom under these conditions.

Coconuts look healthy enough.

Found one lonely hibiscus flower.

But all the greenery looks...


Boat's anchored up...

...in the lee of a mangrove key.

View of the tiki roof at Islamorada Fish House.

The roof is probably palm leaves thatched in such a way as to shed water; perhaps they also swell up when damp so the rain can't get through.

"With isinglass windows you can roll right down...

...in case there's a change in the weather."

Anyone know where that verse comes from?

Blackened mahi-mahi with...

...rice and cole slaw.

Back at the house the weather...

...looks menacing again.

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