13 January 2016

• #06: Islamorada Journal 2016…13 January

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Weather has not been very nice in the Florida Keys…

...this is the sunset from Monday...maybe the last time we saw the sun.

Winds have been whipping around 20 kts...note the chairs blown over in the photo...

...and it's just not very Florida-like out there. Nasty part of it is the extended marine forecast shows this may go on for another week.

Have been catching up on sleep, however.

• Meanwhile, back up north...

Open-Water Dumping in Long Island Sound to Continue for 30 Years

“The final plan for how dredge material is handled in Long Island Sound supports continued use of the four existing disposal sites.

“It also recommends that when possible, the sand and silt dug up to unclog navigation channels and harbors be reused for beach nourishment and marsh restoration and other beneficial projects.….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: TheDay

Note: Exactly how dumping that sludge on beaches and marshes is supposed to be beneficial is beyond me.

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