02 November 2015

• Atlantic Cod Population Is Rebounding...Or Isn't It?

• Atlantic Cod Population Is Rebounding...

“This research, led by Dr. George Rose, tracks what is arguably the most important comeback of any fish stock worldwide.

”Studying the great northern Atlantic cod stock complex off Newfoundland and Labrador, once considered among the largest cod stocks in the world before its disastrous decline in the 1990s, Dr. Rose documents the stock's rebound over the past decade from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand tonnes and growing.…”

Please visit this link to read the full article: EScienceNews

• ...Or Isn't It?

“Fishery managers say cod spawning in the Gulf of Maine — a key fishing area between Cape Cod and Canada that touches Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire — is only about 3 percent of sustainable levels, and participants in the fishery that dates to the Colonial era face dramatic quota cuts as a result.….”

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