05 August 2015

• Specialty Lines For Flinging Big Flies

“If you plan to fling [really big flies] anytime soon, today’s fastest, powerful fly rods, and an aggressive (short belly) specialty taper fly line can help you do that, without sending you in for Tommy John surgery.

”Targeting largemouth bass, bull redfish, snook and many bluewater species can call for big, air-resistant flies. Big flies are typically hard to cast, because the rod does not load readily, especially on those typical short to medium distance ‘flats shots.’

”Without such a line, you can compensate by overlining your rod one size, shortening your leader and beefing up the tippet. But these short belly lines do what they are supposed to do….”

Please visit this link to read the full article: FloridaSportsman

I'm pretty sure the big fly in the photo above was tied by Capt. Chris Elser

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