09 August 2015

Long Island Sound, Housatonic River Saltwater Fishing Photos

Some pix we haven't gotten around to showing on this blog...

Fog: You never know what you're going to see...

...on the way to the boat...

...or on the way back home.

Andrew C. fighting a fish.

In case you've never seen what a worm hatch looks like...and this was in the middle of the day.

Click on any photo to enlarge, see a slide show.

Goin' slow...

...goin' fast...

...goin' slow.

Charlie W. has one one the fly rod.

Don't know the source of this...but thought it was fun.

Capt. Wayne J. in uniform to command the excursion ferry on Lac Tremblant in Quebec.

Wish someone would tell me what kind of birds these are.

This shot reminds me of photos of the Nile in Egypt.

Could that be Luxor in the background?

We ran into small bluefish blitz...

...and Carol W. [*] got into them big time...

[*not related to Charlie W.]

...resulting in several fish for the barbecue.

Source: ConnecticutSaltwaterFishing.com

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