01 July 2015

• When the Barracuda Arrive In the Sound, Don’t Eat Them

• Contrary to popular belief, you can’t kill ciguatera by cooking.

“Ciguatera poisoning is the most common form of fish-related food poisoning in the world. The toxin is found in a type of algae that grow on coral reefs in warm tropical and subtropical ocean waters. The risk is highest in fish from the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific and Indian Oceans. As many as 3 percent of travelers to these areas get ciguatera. It is initially transmitted to small fish that feed on reef vegetation. They then pass it along to larger fish, like barracuda and grouper that prey on them.

”People who eat contaminated fish and ingest the toxin can experience symptoms of severe nausea and vomiting within one to three hours. But in some instances it can lead to pain and tingling in the hands or feet and joint and muscle pain. These symptoms can endure for months or even years. Some patients report a reversal of hot/cold sensations, with cold surfaces feeling hot and vice versa.

”There is no cure, though there is limited evidence that administering a drug called mannitol early in an infection can limit both acute and chronic symptoms. Ciguatera is an especially resilient form of food poisoning as neither cooking fish—even at high temperatures—nor freezing them can destroy it. There is no test to detect ciguatera poisoning in people and no smell or discoloration in fish tissue to signal its presence.…”

Please visit this link to read the full article: MedicalXpress

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